TIBCS Disciplinary List


Laura Bauer, Pies-Calientes Bengals – Suspended until refund owed to breeder is received. In violation of points (5), (6) & (8) of the COE.

Tracie Davies, Wildkatt & Silvertrace Bengals - Suspended due to Breach of contract & until payment or replacement is received by breeder. In violation of points (3), (5), (6), (7) & (8) of the COE.

Debbie Garcia-Bengochea, AdventureBeach Bengals - Suspended until amends made to pet buyer & payments received. In violation of points (1), (3), (4) & (5) of the COE.

Linda Evans, Silvergene Bengals - Renewal in good standing with TIBCS accepted, pending refund to breeder, for total price of breeding cat & incidentals. In violation of points (5), (6) & (8) of the COE

Susan Embrick, Emberglo Bengals

Michelle Galione, WildOnSpots Bengals– Breach of contract for failure to refund or replace kittens to pet buyers. In violation of points (3) of the COE

Sandra Sipe, Unique Prints Cattery TIBCS strongly recommends that all transactions be in writing. This includes deposits for kittens. TIBCS also recommends moneys be paid by check and that receipts be issued for all payments. If problems arise later, it is difficult to determine a fair course of action when agreements were verbal and cash changed hands without receipts, Point (8) violation of COE. Failure to refund money owed to kitten buyer as promised, violation COE (7) - I shall conduct myself always in a manner that reflects credit upon the Bengal cat breed and me.

Jonathan Villocero, Magyar Bengals

Sheila Cox, Greenmansions - All breeder and show kittens will have pedigrees and registration forms provided with them. Point (5) COE violation. TIBCS strongly recommends that all transactions be in writing, point (8) violation. If I become aware or are notified that a cat of my breeding is found to be abandoned, neglected, mistreated, or in need of rescue, I will participate in its rescue, relocation, and/or re-homing to the best of my ability, Point (10) COE violation.

Leila Rose, Beechwood Bengals: A party to a dispute makes statements airing their version of the dispute on any public venue including but not limited to web sites, chat groups, and advertisements or publically displays any hostility towards TIBCS in any way, or towards any party involved with the case, TIBCS Dispute Resolution Process violation. I will treat all members with respect and, when necessary, disagree with them without personal or derogatory attacks, point 7 COE violation.

Dana McLean Scott, Anjali Bengals Breech of agreement(failure to refund money owed to buyer of breeder kitten as promised), violation COE section 8. Failure to provide contract or reasonable facsimile, violation of COE Section 8. Suspended until repayment is made to breeder.


Lisa Murchie, Exoticatz Bengals – Forgery of breeder contracts, falsification of documents, refusal to verify pedigree, DNA test correct parentage. In violation of points (2), (3), (6), (8) of the COE. Non-payment of monies in lieu of pet kitten owed. In violation of points (6), (7) & (8) of the COE.

Katie Grashel, Amunra Cattery – Breach of contract, refusal to verify pedigree & provide details of registrations, correct parentage & matings. In violation of points (2) & (7) of the COE.

Julie Burnett-Young, Merkaba Bengals Failure to maintain a good standard of health and care, thus selling unhealthy kittens in need of medical attention. Failure to provide registration papers and pedigrees to kittens buyers. In violation of Points (4), (5) COE.

Tamara Passariello, ForestRun Bengals

Ann Law, Silvercreek Bengals

Linda Naslund, MorningStar Bengals

Patti Bingham, Spotoluck Bengals

Annette Troll, Trollspotting Bengals – Failure to keep accurate records of all matings and pedigrees. Failure to maintain a good standard of health and care including adequate room for exercise, regular grooming, clean quarters, and adequate food and water. In violation of points (3), (4) of the COE.

All TIBCS membership privileges are revoked temporarily for those under suspension, & permanently for those banned.

Members who are suspended have the opportunity to regain good standing with TIBCS upon making amends & implementing ethical recommendations.

The TIBCS Code Of Ethics, which is now a personally signed contract between TIBCS & each individual member, may be found here:


Please respect your cats & each other, & always be mindful of your responsibilities as breeders & setting an example - both to each other & to the public.

Thank you.


TIBCS Senior Vice President, Ethics Chair

TIBCS, 7915 S. Emerson Ave., Suite B 142, Indianapolis, IN 46237, USA
Email: info@tibcs.com

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